How to Deal with the Emotional Stress of Moving?

What is so appalling about the emotional stress of moving is that commonly you can feel the weight of its toll after the transition. It may not be so much of a burden but it will agitate your daily functions. And if you won’t give extra attention to it, there’s a possibility that it will lead to a major problem. As per defined by Pavel Stoyanov, stress is the physical and psychological effects we experience as a result of the way we react to changes in the surrounding environment. Stress is truly part of our daily life. It could be caused by different reasons like finances, jobs, relationships, and schools, or any other activities where a major decision is involved, like in relocation. It is indeed a process very stressful especially if you don’t have any previous experience in relocating, and if you don’t have the assistance of movers as great as Spartan Moving & Storage. That is why you should also be alert for any signs of stress and it is categorized accordingly:

Emotional Stress of Moving – Signs!

  • Physical Signs of emotional Stress of Moving
    • Headaches
    • Backaches
    • Increased in High Blood Pressure
    • Stomachaches
  • Signs of emotional Stress of Moving
    • Irritability
    • Impatient
    • Moody
    • Depressed
    • Withdrawn
    • Frigidity
    • Feelings of Panic
    • Cries frequently
    • Consistent Unexplainable Nightmares
  • Behavioral Signs of stress
    • Nail Biting
    • Grinding of Teeth
    • Drug Abuse
    • Alcoholism
    • Excessive Smoking
    • Inability to Function at home, work, and school
    • Tardiness and absenteeism
    • Attention Deficit

Stress does affect people differently and if one does not know how to handle stress correctly, it could lead to major problems like infection, diseases, and inactivity. To summarize, stress can hinder your normal daily functions. That is why immediate attention is indeed needed. And like what they always say, “prevention is better than cure,” so for stress not to be experienced during the process of relocation, plan well and even if you have already faced the unexpected move try to find the moving services of the same day movers.

Health is indeed an important aspect of our life. All functions of life would soon cease if we don’t put much importance to our health and wellness. So live a healthy life, don’t do the hustle, and only get the Local Movers for a guaranteed healthy start in your new location!

General moving tips for those who want to avoid stress during the move

As what Jean-Jacques Rousseau has said, “Watch a cat when it enters a room for the first time. It searches and smells about, it is not quite for a moment, it trusts nothing until it has examined and made acquaintance with everything.” It is very true that our “first experience” would always be the most memorable one whether our first experience was the saddest, happiest, disappointing, clumsiest, we still keep those memories. And most of the time, if it was a bad first-time experience, we tend to be traumatized and will not let ourselves go through that same experience that is why for your first experience of relocation, we would only want you to feel nothing but the best relocation experience. And that is the goal of movers to provide you with your best first time planning relocation. Hence, since relocation is new to your senses, it is but normal for you to be anxious, but you don’t have to if you will follow these helpful Moving Tips, specifically made for first-timers:


“If it is your first time, it is advised that you do the planning relocation and preparation for moving, two to three months before the relocation day,” – says Steven, moving manager at Eagle Moving. “You might be thinking that it is too much, it is not because just by packing alone, it would eat too much of your time especially if you would not let movers do the packing for you.”


Have a separate budget only dedicated for your relocation expenses. We don’t want you to be in a situation where you are already stranded because you lack financial support and resources.


If you are unsure of something, go ahead and do research for you can be sure of it. You do have the gift of the World Wide Web so take advantage of it.


According to BlackHawk Moving it’s always important to be in control and always stay focused. If something went wrong, don’t panic, instead, provide resolution. That is why you need ample time and useful moving tips, so if in case, something went wrong, you still have a lot of time to make it right.


Most of all in choosing your movers, only hire the very best movers for a stress-free, trouble-free relocation. 

If you are afraid of the emotional stress of moving please contact Spartan Moving & Storage!

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We’ve all heard the horror stories of household items that didn’t survive the move, whether it was Great Grandmother’s china, the crystal vase that you saved for months to buy, the now-scratched armoire … the list is endless.

You can argue that moving crews won’t be as careful as owners when it comes time to safely transport your possessions. But in fairness, it’s also true that in some cases owners have not properly packed valued household items.

That a box you pack yourself is one that your movers can’t see inside; nor do they know that the contents have been packed according to their standards. That’s why it’s critical that you understand the terms of your moving insurance coverage.

If you want to hire a moving company to individually wrap and pack all of your valuables, they might be happy to accommodate you — in exchange, of course — for a fee. If you’re like the vast majority of homeowners, however, you’ll be packing your own possessions — or at least most of them, including your precious valuables — and so you’ll have to assume responsibility for their safe transport.

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Begin to organize the soonest possible. Relocating is extremely stressful and it’s not good for someone who is expecting a baby. You can avoid this by starting in the early time around three weeks to 1 month in particular if you’re not getting movers to handle the packing. The more time available the less likelihood you’ll get stressed by the whole job you have to finish. You can make an inventory to make it easier for you to manage your belongings. You might likewise wish to create a segregation plan – “for disposal”, “for sale or donation”, or “for keeping”.

Be certain you have all the required packing supplies. It will be much easier for you if you’ll have all the basic supplies. You can have a straight purchase from Spartan Movers. They can offer you with moving boxes, cushioning, tapes, and other supplies. Tools like moving dolly and straps a­re likewise available.

Be very extra cautious when relocating and you’re expecting a baby. Keep in mind, during pregnancy your center of gravity likewise changes which makes you barer to losing your balance. And add the fact that hormonal changes that goes with pregnancy in the same way causes your ligaments to soften making you barer to harm. Be certain to be extra cautious when lifting and carrying objects when you’re expecting a newborn.

Take lots of fluids and take enough breaks. Whether you’re moving or not you have to be hydrated when expecting a newborn. You can have water, fresh juice, and shakes but avoid drinks with caffeine. Also be certain to have enough rest and don’t over tire yourself.

Seek for assistance on relocating when you’re expecting a baby. Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance. You can ask some friends or relatives to assist you with the preparations particularly when lifting around weighty appliances. You can always get professional movers to manage the rest of the chores for you.

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Every year there is a record of over million Americans who move to different locations. The increase of moving activity accordingly increases the amount of waste that is being produced. Tons of paper boxes and other packing materials have been included in the recycling areas and dumpster trucks have collected a major quantity of it as well. Reduce Waste – Contribute to green moving by reducing the amount of garbage in every moving activity. Spartan Movers has eco-friendly tips for you.

Reduce Waste when Moving

Everywhere in the US recycling centers have confirmed that the majority of the wastes are made of paper and cardboard. The rest are made of plastics, textiles and wood. By examining the common packing materials used in every relocation it is obvious that these are made of papers, plastics and textiles – boxes, unprinted paper, cardboards, packaging tape and bubble wraps. Moving experts suggest tips on how to eliminate a bulk amount of garbage or at least reduce the garbage produced by moving. Even if recycling is practiced all over the US, means of keeping wastes at a minimum level is highly recommended. Here are the tips that are highly recommended to reduce waste when moving.

To be able to reduce waste don’t buy new boxes. Whenever buying new appliances or house wares it is best to keep the original boxes. When the time of the move comes, packing the items in their original boxes will keep it safe rather than putting it in another fitting box and doing the wrapping and all. In case the original boxes are no longer available and there is still a need to have bigger boxes to stash other household items, visit liquor and grocery stores where boxes are given for free. Normally, goods sold in these stores are delivered in sturdy boxes so it can surely pass a box strong enough to last a move. Neighbors, friends or families who just moved in may still have boxes with them. Ask if they can give it for free. This strategy does not only reduce the recyclable waste but it also saves money by not buying boxes.

In packing clothes and other linens, use luggage bags and other traveling bags that are currently owned. Friends and relatives may be kind enough to let you borrow from them. Keeping the clothes and linens in specified luggage bags will also make unpacking easy. The bags can be carried to the assigned bedroom right away without getting confused.

Do not throw away boxes after unpacking. They can be kept for future uses. It is also advisable to sell them online through many thrift websites. Other people might just need those boxes and they can bargain for an exchange of goods instead of paying cash.

Instead of buying unprinted papers, use old newspapers and magazines in wrapping fragile items. Another way of saving is to use hand towels for smaller items or bath towels for bigger fragile items. Wrap the cloth on the item and secure it with a tie or tape before keeping in the box.

In using bubble wraps and packing peanuts, purchase the ones that are recyclable. Packing peanuts should be made of biodegradable cornstarch. After moving do not throw this away. Post it online or keep it for future use.

Before moving, sort the items at home that cannot go in the moving truck. This should include hazardous materials like butane gas containers, batteries and other chemicals. Do not simply throw it in the garbage bin. Follow the guidelines in the community on how to properly dispose of this kind of items.

Old clothes can be sold at a garage sale or thrift shop. Leftover items can be given to charity. This will lessen the load of the items to be moved and at the same time helping the people in need.

In order to Reduce Waste, your movers can be given the responsibility of properly packing the household items. They use recyclable materials while ensuring the quality of their service.

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People who are moving do not put so much consideration in minimizing their carbon footprint when doing the task. Some would only consider this a waste of time rather than a chance to contribute to the welfare of the environment. Telling someone to recycle moving materials is a little less interesting compared to telling someone to save money for a move. So why not simply set your mind on going for a budget move by being resourceful and creative.

Moving paraphernalia is mostly composed of paper materials. Cardboard, boxes, newsprints and packing fillers are the most common items being gathered before even starting to pack things up. As it cannot be helped to use cardboard or paper materials for the move, just bear in mind that there are still ways to minimize its use and avoid the disconcerting effects of too much trash in the surroundings. Here are three important ways on how to avoid putting too much garbage in the environment out of moving.


Every municipality has distinct ordinances on how to go about recycling moving materials in the area. Municipal ordinances on garbage recycling vary and so it is best to get advice from them even before you start disposing your spoiled boxes to the recycling centers. Check for the procedure and their policy so you would know how to start recycling.

At home, you can start preparing your boxes and other paper stuff. Flatten the boxes and keep them all in one big box. Normally, the boxes used in a whole move can be kept in 5 to 6 big boxes. Other paper stuff used in the move like crumpled newsprint, should also be laid flat. A whole bunch of it can be stashed in just one box. All in all there should be about 6-7 boxes ready to be sent out for recycling moving materials. After gathering the necessary information from the municipality, you can now recycle properly the paper items from your move.


There is no good reason to buy brand new boxes for all the moving goods. If you are keeping clothes and other valuable materials from your home, then it’s acceptable. But if you are simply stashing overused kitchen wares, garden tools and other products then just reuse boxes. Boxes are mainly used for keeping items you want to move or simply keep for a while, say in the attic. Reusing them does not change its purpose that it is being used for keeping.

If you don’t have enough of these paper cubes at home then drop by nearby liquor or grocery shops. They will be happy handing you over their boxes rather than leaving them at the curb for the trash collector to pick up. You can also use online tools such as Craigslist and Kijiji to hunt for used boxes. Moving happens anywhere in the city you live in. And it happens most of the time. Post your ad and expect a dozen emails entertaining your quest to gather as much boxes as you need. If you live near a university or college and it’s almost the start of school, roam around these institutions and happily collect boxes waiting on stand-by by the garbage bins.


Yes you can reduce the number of boxes you will need for a move. Follow the simple rule of frugality and you can try keeping smaller and lighter items in a box with other household furniture. This is normally allowed by moving companies as long as you consult them so they can check if the way you did it is allowable or not. What is the point? Example is books kept inside empty drawers and cabinets. Heavy fabrics like bath towels, comforters and blankets kept inside the washing machine. Make them intact and make sure that they will not patter while on the road. Just make sure that you do not change the weight so much that the whole box will exceed the allowed 50 kg limit of each.

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Choosing reputable movers to help you move your office is exceptionally significant. Any delay will tantamount to revenue lost and a wasted possibility to earn. Not only that, you also need to keep safe your important office records and equipments.


Hire a skilled moving company when moving your business is still the best choice. Movers with lengthy years of experience are more likely to provide the best doable services. They have trained team well experienced in this line of industry. They likewise have the required equipment and trucks to relocate your items in shorter length of time; hence you can carry on with your business right away.

Expensive fees are not always equal to good relocating services. Cheap movers can deliver the same level of services to that of costly movers when moving your business. When looking for a moving company asks as many questions as possible. Be certain that you get the information you need. Ask if they have the necessary licenses, what insurances they give, do they own the trucks or if they simply hire another company. You may wish to get the moving company with their own trucks. There are greater probabilities that your office equipment being late if the moving company will simply consign trucks to deliver your items compared if they have their own.

Ask some colleagues before moving your business. You can individually ask a handful of colleagues if they have any referrals. If you don’t have the time, movers like Spartan Movers have their own sites. You can check on their comment sites to see if they’re doing well for their customers.

Always have a plan B moving your business. Sometimes moving companies gets incredibly occupied and you fail to hire your chosen movers. It is advised that when hiring a moving company that you choose at least three movers of your choice. In situations like summer when movers are incredibly occupied due to the big number of people relocating, you need to have a substitute. You don’t like being behind schedule for the reason that the moving company you hire doesn’t appear. It is best that you are ready.

We offer local and long distance moving services. Includes online quotes and bookings, packing guide and storage information. Get a quote today!

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